The Waba Program!

Last update 10-Sept-2002

The WABA (Weight And BAlance) program is written to give you a graphical representation of the CG and weight changed based on loading and fuel burn. It also shows you the change in maneuvering speed and stall speeds.

Note that the program is a JAVA application. You must have the Java Runtime Environment (it's free) on your machine. The ReadMe.txt tells you how to get and install it.

Currently, it's in beta - I'd appreciate some feedback, especially if any of the ReadMe.txt instructions are wrong or need improving.

Read the Readme file for instructions.

...and download either:

Waba has been tried on only NT and Linux so far. I tried to make it available for Apples, but I found no support for how to create a file suitable for running on Apples.

Known Limitations


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